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Posted by oregonian37 on November 30, 2008

On Saturday, December 20th, at 5:00 PM, silent candlelight vigils will be held at commercial centers in cities across the country in remembrance of the rights recently lost around the country, and in honor of the rights that one day will BE,  here in Oregon,  and for EVERYONE.

In Portland, we will be gathering for our silent candlelight vigil at Pioneer Square, downtown.

These are the guidelines from Join the Impact, which we are going to stick to, as much as possible:

  • This will be a peaceful gathering in the spirit of the holidays (This one is a MUST).
  • We’ll dress alike: make or buy a “Second Class Citizen” t-shirt.
  • We will stay silent unless asked a question, we will not yell, instigate, or bear signs. Instead, we will let our shirts do the talking and our candles pay our respects.
  • Bring candles (battery powered if need be).
  • Two weeks ago, we were noisy all across the United States.  On December 20th, we will let our silence bring home the reality of lack of equal rights as citizens of this country.

    The national Join the Impact site has shirts available to order.  We are talking to folks locally to see if we can get them made here.  Suggestions greatly appreciated.

    The national site:


    See you on the 20th!



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    2. My boyfriend and myself are planning on joining the LUTN on the 20th. It just so happens we own a screen printing business as well. If you need shirts check out our site http://www.inkbrigade.com. We have specials posted there, or we can give you a custom quote.

      Hope that helps!

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