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What is this moment?

Posted by oregonian37 on November 22, 2008

There is a post on the Family Equality Council Blog that I think asks some really important questions.  What are your thoughts?

They say:

Many in our community are wondering whether the anti-family results of Election Day and the national reaction that followed signals a new moment for the LGBT civil rights movement. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen so many LGBT people and straight allies registering their anger in the streets, and not just in the states where these votes took place. In hundreds of cities and towns across the nation, people have stood up, marched and demonstrated with their own expressions of energy and outrage.

They ask:

* Is this a new moment–a Stonewall 2.0, as some are calling it–or just the appropriately sized response to the largest grassroots campaign our community has ever run?

* If it is a new moment, what’s fundamentally different from before? How did Election Day change your perspective or the kinds of actions you’ll take to achieve equality?

* If you could help achieve one concrete thing towards family equality in 2009, what would it be and why?


One Response to “What is this moment?

  1. bridgeout said

    These are really important questions! I would like to believe that this was an important shift after the unbelievable prop 8 vote in CA. It is time for things to change! And that change needs to be in the form of equality for all families!

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