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So what now?

Posted by oregonian37 on November 22, 2008

I saw that headline on a local paper’s website today, and thought it an apt title for this post.

Lindsey and I organized last Saturday’s rally as a call to action.  A call to our community to stand up, be counted, and to get to work on obtaining full equal rights, in Oregon as well as across the country. It is no longer an option for us to depend on someone else to carry the water for us.  If this were a perfect world, we could have marches, rallies and protests every day of every week of the year.  Of course, if this were a perfect world, we wouldn’t be sitting here having this discussion.

Lindsey and I are still in the middle of compiling all of the information we received last Saturday, of people who have declared that they are ready to unite, get to work, and move forward, working for equality.  The news says we had about a thousand people; over half of you signed up for duty.  That is beyond amazing to me.  And like Lindsey and I, most, if not all of you had to get up Monday (or Sunday for some of us!) and go to work.   Have we had time to work for equality?  I would venture that the answer to that, for most of us, is yes.  Why do I say that?  Because since last Saturday, people have been talking to their families, friends, neighbors.  They’ve been talking to co-workers and fellow community members.    I’d bet money people were even talking in church last Sunday morning.

I know that Lindsey and I talk every day about how we are feeling, what we are hearing, and where we want to go next.  We have been in the community, talking to people, to other community leaders, planning.  We made a commitment to our community last week and we are absolutely not going to walk away from that.  After the thrill of rallies, marches and protests wear off, the real equality work begins.  I look forward to it.


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