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Posted by oregonian37 on November 17, 2008

Holy smokes, was the gathering just yesterday? 

We just really want to say thank you to everyone.  Our community leaders who spoke, community members who spoke up (maybe for the first time) and shared their stories.  Not to mention the energy.  A friend of mine mentioned today that he had never been to a civil rights rally before, and had only been to events where anger trumped most any other part of the experience.  We definitely had (and have) some of that, without a doubt.  But what I really felt, along with the positive emotion that always comes about when we come together, was the “ok, this is it; no more excuses, no more playing; what steps do we need to take, and what part do I need to play?” feeling that permeated everything.  A friend made a point to me earlier that, considering what a handful of people around the state managed to pull off, in multiple locations, the thought of what we can do with ALL of us involved, is staggering.  And it is…staggering.  It’s also really exciting and inspiring.  It is time to take this forward, take responsibility for our own equality and our own actions.  It’s just time.


One Response to “THANK YOU!!!

  1. bridgeout said

    Wonderful! Wish I could have made it to one of these events! I love the line about taking responsibility for our own equality. So true!

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