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Posted by oregonian37 on November 14, 2008

It is hard to believe that it’s only been 5 days since we began planning this thing.  One day left!

The more that Lindsey and I have talked about what our goals are, and our ideas for how to get there, the more excited I get about the possibilities of what we may be giving life to tomorrow.  Our community has been divided and on the defensive for far too long (one follows the other, maybe?  Hmmm…food for thought there) and I think we are drawing somewhat of a line in the sand this weekend. 

A friend asked me the other day, why weren’t we visible a month ago, well in advance of election night?  Why are we waiting until now to actually get up and be visible and vocal?  Well, my question is this:  When Prop Eight passed in California last week, what was the very first thought (or at least the second) that you had?  I would bet money, that it was something along the lines of “It passed in California?  CALIFORNIA?!  But..but…that’s where San Francisco is!”  It has freaked people out…and rightly so.  California is the perfect example of what it looks like to take equal rights for granted.  We, here in Oregon, are on the verge of doing the exact same thing.  And THAT is our motivation for this gathering tomorrow.  We have some amazing leadership in this state, around the fight for LGBTQ equal rights, and they have been on the frontlines fighting that battle for a LONG time.  Sometimes we pay a bit more attention to them than we do at other times, but how much effort do we really put into our daily lives, not only supporting those organizations, but how much work do we put into our daily lives, talking to people, sharing our struggles and listening to theirs?  How much thought and work do we put into really building bridges and making those allies that we need, in order to win this struggle?  The fight for equal rights doesn’t happen only at the periodic rally, or on election day.  It takes WORK.  And that is what Lindsey and I are committing to, and what we are asking you to commit to, as well; for the LGBTQ community, OUR community, to join together and, while honoring our differences, recognizing that we sink or swim together.  It isn’t up to someone else to fight for my rights for me.  It’s up to me.


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