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What’s on the agenda?

Posted by oregonian37 on November 13, 2008

We feel really fortunate to have some fantastic community leaders lending their time to our efforts.

Right now, we have the following folks speaking on Saturday:

Bonnie Tinker, Executive Director for Love Makes a Family
Pastor Nathan Meckley, Senior Pastor for Metropolitan Community Church
Betsy Kennworthy, Clerk of Multnomah Meeting
Aubrey Harrison, Basic Rights Oregon
Jessica Lee, Basic Rights Oregon
Reverand Tara Wilkins, Executive Director for The Community of Welcoming Congregations
Tash Shatz, Community Organizer

Check back, as we expect there to be some additions to this list.

Thanks again for your excitement and commitment to moving our community forward.


Melanie Davis, Managing Partner, El Hispanic News

Update II:

Kendall Clawson, Executive Director, the Portland Q Center
Laura Calvo, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon GLBT Caucus and 2008 Spirit of Pride Award Recipient


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