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Posted by oregonian37 on November 12, 2008

Hi there.  This is Debra.  We just wanted to say how impressed we are by the response to the gathering/rally on Saturday!  We have folks coming from all over.

We will use this site to update the community about any changes. This is definitely a grassroots effort, and that means it is constantly evolving. We will also use this site to share the greater vision that we have, and that the rally is intended to usher in. Lindsey and I are very aware of the high emotions people are experiencing right now. We want to take that, and channel it into a positive, proactive response that entails the LGBTQ community truly uniting and moving forward in a positive, cohesive way; fully prepared for the work ahead of us, here in Oregon.

Please feel free to ask questions and offer suggestions. We ask that folks be respectful of us, and of each other. Our community knows better than many, that language matters. How we speak to, and treat each other, matters.

We will hopefully be posting some specifics tomorrow about who will be speaking on Saturday.

Again, not enough can be said about the tremendous response we have received around the gathering. It is truly amazing to see, and to be experiencing. Thank you for that!



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  1. bridgeout said

    So glad you are doing this Debra!


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