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Portland Supports Fight The H8

Posted by goddesspdx on November 11, 2008

From BlogOut:

A team of PDX-area queers and allies just announced Portland’s first large-scale rally to protest the fight-the-h8-in-portlandjpg1passage of California’s Proposition 8 – and it’s all going down this Saturday, November 15th, from 10:30 am onward at the Portland State University South Park Blocks, near the Saturday Farmer’s Market.

This rally in support of the community in California and across the country is a fast moving grass roots movement.

Bookmark this blog for the most current and up to date information concerning Fight The H8 in Portland Oregon.


2 Responses to “Portland Supports Fight The H8”

  1. jj said

    This is dorky, and oh so not timely….but it bugs me to be called QUEER. It has such a bad feeling to me. My son reads books that call things queer that are ODD and Strange. Why do we use this word to describe us? (well I don’t but the Gay community does)
    Just sayin’

  2. LC said

    You’re right about oh so not timely. Not sure about dorky. Yep there are still folks that don’t like the term queer. The post is from Just Out’s blog, maybe you should let them know.

    Are you going to the rally?

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